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5 Crucial Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for Your Divorce

Divorce is rarely an easy or stress-free experience for anybody involved. This is especially true now, when the COVID was passed and electronic files and virtual hearings became the norm. Finding a divorce attorney that understands your needs, financial circumstances, and end goals is important. Here are ​5 crucial benefits of hiring an attorney for your divorce.

1. You have no idea where to start looking for information on getting a divorce

Experts in family law know how to navigate the legal system, complete the necessary documentation for a divorce, and use the necessary software to make a virtual court appearance. You may rest assured that you will be effectively representing yourself with their help. 

If you have a lawyer to help you set reasonable goals and manage your emotions, you'll be able to finalize your divorce faster and with less contention. Hiring a lawyer is a smart idea whether or not the divorce is disputed so that you can be confident all the necessary steps have been taken.

2. You and your partner have been having increasingly heated arguments

Marriages on the brink of divorce are often fraught with tension. Divorce can be obtained amicably in some cases, but this is by no means guaranteed for any two people. 

When feelings are harmed, one partner may make unjustified threats to the other (such as, "You'll never see your child again if you divorce me"), which can escalate an already tense divorce. Divorce can feel more like a battle for survival than a fresh start if you're in that kind of emotional state. 

Avoiding unneeded tension and intimidation in family court matters is one of the main benefits of hiring an attorney to represent you. If one or both partners have lawyers handling the divorce proceedings, they may be able to avoid communicating with one another.

3. You and your spouse's intricate financial status need a mountain of paperwork

If the financial positions of the parties are very complicated, it is wise to consult an attorney. If either party owns a business, there are substantial assets or debts, one spouse is seeking alimony, or one spouse is seeking child support, you may want to review certain disclosures and paperwork before finalizing any divorce arrangements. 

It can be confusing to figure out where to start when a party is on their own to make discovery requests. Hiring an attorney is an excellent choice if you want to make sure you get the best deal available and/or fight for a fair settlement.

4. You're a parent

Having kids in the middle of a divorce only adds to the already overwhelming complexity of the situation. Questions of custody, visitation, child support, education, and medical costs arise. It's possible that, regardless of the status of the marriage, both parties have some idea of how custody and visitation time will be allocated. 

An expert family law attorney, however, can assist you make sense of the Child Support Guidelines and other statutory duties for items like child support. Having legal representation during a divorce can help you remain calm and vigilant for your own and your children's best interests.

5. A prior precedent has been set by prior orders or agreements between the parties

Hiring a lawyer is a good idea if you need help understanding the terms of your prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, or if you need to file a petition with the court to contest or modify the terms of your restraining order.

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