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Unveiling the Best Low-Cost Alternatives for Health Insurance

Having health insurance may be one of those luxuries that you never give a second thought to. Employers are required by law to include a benefits package as part of their total pay to attract and retain qualified staff.

The worker takes comfort in knowing they have reliable health coverage. When an employee departs an organization, the entire dynamic shifts. Choices about insurance coverage must be made. No one is immune to this procedure. 

The employee quickly learns that maintaining insurance will cost significantly more than anticipated, forcing them to seek out viable alternatives. Is there anything else to do? How can we lower the price tag?

Health insurance consumers' perspectives on potential solutions to the problem of rising costs have shifted significantly. Deductibles that are low are a thing of the past. It took some time for the idea of having low deductibles to gain traction. 

Having a low deductible means less money out of your pocket. In today's health insurance market, however, the opposite holds true. As a result of skyrocketing costs, it's no longer cost-effective to choose for lower deductibles. As deductibles rise, premiums drop precipitously. Some medical coverage options have deductibles of $5,000 or more.

You've Got Two Choices

1. Make your deductible as high as possible. Self-insurance is the term for this practice. In exchange for a lower premium, you are insuring yourself against the deductible amount.

2. Open an HSA (health savings account). Only medical costs can be paid out of this particular savings account. This is a great strategy for saving up for the deductible and any medical costs that won't be covered by insurance. 

The health savings account is especially attractive because its contributions are tax deductible. To learn more about how to use this strategy, consult your tax professional.

A good place to begin when trying to reduce your monthly costs is with insurance. We hope this information is useful in evaluating future quotes. If you're looking for insurance rates of any kind, today it is easy for you to search and find it online.

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