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All You Need To Know When Dealing With An Auto Insurance Company's Disputed Loss

Get the contact information for the claims department at your auto insurance company if your agent is unable to help you. You can ask your agent, if is there a consumer complaints division you may contact. Many of them do. 

Before contacting the division you need to make sure that you are in a clear understanding of your auto insurance quotes then after that, you can probably try contacting them for assistance. Keep talking until you have the person's name you spoke with. Keep track of who you spoke with and put that information aside until your disagreement is resolved.

Be prepared to back up your case by sending a cover letter (to the person you met with) that includes all the supporting papers you have.

When policyholders and insurers cannot come to an agreement, both parties can use the "Appraisal Service" or "Arbitration Service" offered by the insurance provider. These choices should be spelled out in your policy. (Have your agent look for them if you can't find them)!

If your complaint has not been resolved after following their procedures, you can start thinking to look for an auto insurance claim lawyer who is an expert on the issues, you can find one easily through the Internet based on your location by just clicking on your browser auto insurance attorney near me as an example or you can also seek assistance from the insurance regulator in your home state.

After speaking with your insurance company's representatives, if you still feel like you haven't been treated fairly, you can discuss with your lawyer for auto insurance claims to get your right, or another option you can contact the insurance industry's toll-free Consumer Information Service.  

Customers who have concerns can speak with a trained representative which means you can ask your auto insurance attorney to use this "HELPLINE" It is available from Monday through Friday (Eastern Time) from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Also, an "Independent Arbitrator" with ostensible insurance industry knowledge can evaluate whether or not the information provided to you (or the amount paid to settle your claim) is adequate. The American Arbitration Association can be reached by dialing (phone) 1 800-778-7879 or (online) at

The mediator usually cannot make a binding decision or issue an award to either party during mediation. The mediator's role is limited to making suggestions.

The potential for future financial outlay on both parties makes mediation a good starting step. Your first step should be to review your auto insurance policy's dispute resolution provisions to see who will mediate (and/or arbitrate) a claim. The person or organization specified in your policy should receive a DEMAND FOR ARBITRATION FORM. You have the option of selecting "ARBITRATION" or "MEDIATION" on the Demand for Arbitration Form.

In insition on arbitration, a copy of the Demand Form can be printed from the website of the American Arbitration Association, which can be accessed online. You must keep in mind the following two critical facts as you proceed with the above:

First, It's a lot cheaper to go through mediation than arbitration. Second, The Mediation Decisions are merely to be used as a guideline. However, the decisions of the arbitrator are final and binding.

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